Sunday, April 5, 2009

Broken Dreams

Life is like MAFIA WARS
You pump and pump your stats
But you dunno where you're heading..

At current I have
24 Mega Casinos
15 4-Star Hotels
I generate $13m/hr

I go to a fight with
22 AA-12 Auto Shotguns,
97 Midas' Butterfly Knives,
15 Gold Desert Eagles,
4 Napalms,
12 RPG Launchers,
150 Chain Guns,

4 A Pint o' Green Beers,
8 Half Dollar Body Armors,
9 Bodyguards,
6 Night Vision Goggles,
273 Body Armors,

9 Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" Motorcycles,
10 Armored Cars,
3 Chrome Skylines,
272 Town Cars,
5 Luxury Yachts,
1 Stolen Mail Truck

And I know one day
I'm just gonna go
"Arghhh..." and stop playing forever

So whats the point in playing Mafia Wars?
So whats the point in Life?

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