Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i realise i've been
BUYING cigarettes a lot lately
so i made a mental note to count
i'm smoking 30 sticks a day
maybe i can die faster

anyway who got the Jai Ho song?
please send to me
(ok, thanks to amelia, got it)

my first morning shift

sunrise at lagoona

new fishes for pine valley
poor fishes
i always pray for them



there are some things in life
one can never fix
no matter how hard you try

like bernard's watch
seen him messing wit it
for more than a week already

lunch today

tour at the greens

the weather is beyond HORRIBLE

master house

i like stone sculptures
actually i just like sculptures

and lakes
without mosquitoes

finally a day
i return home
before sunset

who's gonna leave me next?


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