Saturday, April 25, 2009

1048 sianznation

i'm waiting for my supper to digest
and dota night is cancelled
cos mr. md nazirul MIA again
wang ba dan stupid mat-gym
was looking thru facebook for some
stupid quiz to waste my time

but all i can see is mafia war
this that everything mafia war
mafia war mafia war mafia war
thats wat happen when you've 1048 mafia friends
at level 141 = sianznation

many a times
i still can't win a fight with
all these imbal weapons/armors/shits: -

Your Mafia of 501 fought against Elien with 15 AR-15 Assault Rifles, 134 Easter Egg Bombs, 139 Bushmaster ACRs, 123 AA-12 Auto Shotguns, 90 Midas' Butterfly Knives, 4 Federal Agents, 4 A Pint o' Green Beers, 8 Half Dollar Body Armors, an Ushanka , 16 Bodyguards, 16 Night Vision Goggles, 452 Body Armors, 13 Humvees, 2 Police Cruisers, 14 Porsche 911s, 23 Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" Motorcycles, 21 Armored Cars, 3 Chrome Skylines, 4 Private Jets, 420 Town Cars, and a Stolen Mail Truck.


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