Thursday, April 30, 2009


i must think
that i'm some kinda genius
i never needed to study in my life
maybe read a bit one week before exams
i dun have a good memory
but i can still do pretty well

i'm a pokerface
every hero has its downfall
mine = caroli


i am contented
thank you


fish cake
i juz had a dream
of my 4-storey house again

and there's this person again

gonna be late

e-journal [march]

Good day everybody, greetings from Laguna!
Hope that everyone is doing well at their respective companies.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

This e-journal, I will share my learning about things I have observed for the past month. The first being my colleagues are such babies.

I witnessed a fight between two of my colleagues' argument over a piece of rag. L borrowed a piece of rag from another department a day before and was about to return it. However, the supervisor (B) stopped her persistent and relentless efforts to bring the rag back to its owner; as we were also in need of rags. However, L felt she had to live up to her integrity; she must return the rag. So they had an argument and B used his authority, said "I'm in-charge. I said put down the rag and get to work!" L was upset and cried in the kitchen. B complained to me that L did not respect and believed in his decision making as a supervisor.
Learning Point: Monotony in work leads to lacking in maturity and sanity. It is just a piece of rag, it is not framed with diamonds or gold. Leadership is inborn, not trained or commissioned.
My solution to the situation - B should call the other department and extend the "loan period" of the rag. L and B should converse with more tact and understanding.


To date, majority of my shifts are of the Food Runner task. Meaning, I bring food from the kitchen to the customer. Hence most of the time is spent inside the kitchen. In case I have yet to mention, the kitchen cooks/chefs dislike the service staff (us). The feeling is mutual, except for us interns. At the beginning, there was a feeling of distrust. However they grew to realise I'm just a harmless bald chap who is trying his best to get through internship with a miserable pay.
Sometimes, I give them cigarettes when they are empty. Sometimes, they cook me some nice food when they know I am starving. Sometimes, they help me prepare my mis-en-place. Sometimes, I help them wrap sandwiches.
Learning Point: Trust is built over time. It is essential and significant, especially when we have villians for the management. We never know when we would need help from anyone, so always be nice and helpful to everyone. However, I hope they stop inviting me to their weekly drinking or whoring sessions.

There is a staff, lets call her S. She is 40 years old, single and seriously over-weight. S likes to "baby-talk" to us, call us by affectionate names and sometimes gets touchy. (Oh dear, why is this happening to us) Nazirul is safe, probably because she does not fancy beefcakes. Many a times, she calls me 哥哥 ("big brother" in chinese) and Jonathan (Jon-Jon or 帅哥). She pounces on Jonathan and leans and grinds on him in the shuttle bus. Jonathan must have sent her wrong signals some time ago.
Learning Point: Do not send the wrong signals to the opposite sex, especially when they are single and desperate. Office relationships are brutal, do not trample into them.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

fly ming

i dun like it
when i'm not in control
maybe i should escape for a while
cos i dun wanna use my brain
i dun wanna do anything about it

fly ming


my birth cert number came out starters
why all my numbers and dream numbers
keep coming out on 4D
and u know i dun buy 4D

ok going to kiddyland to work
where all the kids are
yesterday's TOWEL incident was damn stupid
i'll blog if i remember

shall buy some alcohol
cook myself a nice meal and get drunk tomolo

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

I'm biting my tongue
He's kissing on you
Oh, why can't you see?
One! Two! Three! Four!

You're biting my tongue
I'm kissing on you
Is he better than me?
One! Two! Three! Four!

nice stuff

found something nice
from liyi's blog

1. 没有100分的另一半,只有50分的两个人。
(there isn't the perfect half, but 2 halves makes a perfect pair.)

2. 付出真心才会得到真心,却也可能伤得彻底。
(Putting in your heart & soul, you will get what you want in return. But it might also hurt you deeply.)
(Distancing yourself might be the best way to protect yourself. But it also means that you will be lonely forever.)

3. 通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的人,才是真正爱你的人。
(The one that is willing to argue with you to correct you is normally the one that love you the most. Because the person cares for you.)

4. 有时候不是对方不在乎你,而是你把对方看得太重。
(Sometimes is not the person don't care about you, it is because the person is too important to you.)

5. 冷漠有时候并不是无情,只是一种避免被伤害的工具。
(This one i don't know how to translate. oops =X)

6. 如果我们之间有1000步的距离,你只要跨出第一步,我就会朝你的方向走其余的999步。
(If there is like 1000 steps between us, as long as you step your 1st step out, I will walk the remaining 999 steps towards you.)

7. 为你的难过而快乐的人,是敌人。
(Your enemy is someone who is happy when you are sad.)
(Your friend is someone who is happy when you are happy.)
(The one that really care for you are the one who is sad when you are sad.)

8. 就算是believe中间也藏了一个lie。
(In between "believe" their is always a "lie".)

9. 真正的好朋友并不是在一起就有聊不完的话题。
(A real friend is not someone who you have never ending topics to talk with.)
(A real friend is someone who you won't feel awkward even though both of you weren't talking.)
such a whorish nick
love me
dun try to understand me

Monday, April 27, 2009


reached early
decided to grab a bite
but lixue took the last
and the BIGGEST piece of steamed egg
so i'm eating this shit

but at 4:15pm
some banquet ended
and we got gourmet pastries

swee kean was being an irritating whore
so i din wanna tell her
that she forgot to prepare
chicken rice chili for the next day's operation
but brandon saved the day
用金钱 找人打死 swee kean

carrot juice - my all-time favourite
i like tomato juice too

went to eat supper with bankean
at mr. prata

tom yum soup - sawadeekrup
and sambal kang kong

some grilled/bbq fish
total damage - $25/-

had breakfast with my old man
cos was doing 1-9pm shift
got too much time to waste

seen a dog?

nasty ah kang!

lunch that day

wtf man?
no oil how to fry hokkien mee?
dumb ass

i know somebody who loves mustard

kangster made me some satay for fun

did anyone noticed
that the sign Pasir Ris
the dot on the alphabet "i"
is actually diamond-shaped?
i did.

breakfast that day - CRAP!

lunch that day - SAME OLD CRAP!
(only soggier crap)

look how beautiful autumnz is
gone too soon..


ok-- quiz time
which one is chopped parsley,
which one is laksa leaf?
(click image to enlarge, answers at bottom of post)

lunch today
finally got to eat steamed egg
without lixue around
anyway naz did not see this steamed egg before

was taking stock
super tiring
but we helped the minah at the driving range
and i took a pic here

mustard.. mustard.. mustard..

no matter how i read it
it reads - Kimberly

lunch today
heh-- steamed egg again

scary boiled egg
with veins
food for the monsters

champion's whiskey

how bad is their english?
(click image to enlarge)

shark fin's soup - MINE!

fish and chips - MINE!

mushroom soup - MINE!

for a change
i had wine today
instead of beer

cheers mate!

i'm calling the Muslim Association
this muthafucka eats pork and drinks wine

oh yes..
forgot to mention
tang guo came simei to find me
for a while after work
we went NTUC
to smell canned food
like sharlene toh likes to do

answer to the quiz
left - chopped parsley
right - laksa leaf

great gifts from my mafia friends
in time of need - thank you! =)

Jonathan says:
*who else ah?
*ok wait
*who likes her?

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*that is a very difficult question
*can i use a life line?

Jonathan says:
*ur left with phone a friend
*n it looks like ur selected friend is......
* ong
*lets call him now!

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*lets do it
*i'm ready

Jonathan says:
*who is this??

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*this is leong
*from lakes

Jonathan says:
*oh the mc king ah

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*yes yes
*thats me

Jonathan says:
*tmr wanna take mc again?

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*i'm at the million dollar question

Jonathan says:

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*i need your help
*who likes swee kean?

Jonathan says:
*quick i need to cut watermelong
*easy qn lah
*i fuck her backside everyday man
*damn shiok
*got thump
*then everytime face mirror see her specs keep slipping down her nose
*TURN ON man

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:

Jonathan says:
*n thats the bottomline..

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*ok, thank you sir

Jonathan says:
*cos said so

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*i'm ready to select my answer

Jonathan says:
*what is it

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*its B. one

Jonathan says:
*is that ur final answer?

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*yes, i believe in will-i-am

Jonathan says:
*eh the qn is WHO likes swee kean
*not HOW MANY likes swee kean

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:

Jonathan says:
*so what is ur answer mr leong?

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*i'm going for the answer -

Jonathan says:
*is that ur final answer?

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*that is my final answer

Jonathan says:
**millionaire music*
**suspense n silence*

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:

Jonathan says:
*jamal malik from mumbai
*u picked as ur answer for the qn
*what is the name of the third musketeer
*i have to say..

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:

Jonathan says:
*that is THE RIGHT ANSWER!!!!!

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*yes yes yes

Jonathan says:
*jai ho

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*jai ho~~

Jonathan says:
*the dance damn nice
*u got learn?

MING 是不是拥有以后就会开始要失去 says:
*mad ar
*we learn la
*last day we dance beside the bus terminal


i feel like a coward

Poker Face in the Locker Room

yesterday me and edwin
both end at 9pm
so we were in the locker room
singing Pokerface
"Muh muh muh Pokerface.."

then this old malay uncle asked
wat are u singing?
sounds like wat "Fuck the face?"

i said "no.. its Poke Your Face"
edwin say "no.. its Fuck Your Face"
the uncle say "oh-- isap konek la?"
and there was a few min of laughter
among the 90% population
who dun understand english

And after he's been hooked
I'll play the one thats on his heart

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Song of the Day - 飞机场的10:30

watch here: -

剩一点给你 oh yeah
for my baby



baby baby baby baby baby baby




baby baby baby baby baby baby


been singing this song
whole day
when i'm not
been thinking of this song
whole day

i'm not kidding
3 days ago
i did dream of 4444
and today - 4D FIRST PRIZE
wat the hell?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

继续飘流... 继续等候...










1048 sianznation

i'm waiting for my supper to digest
and dota night is cancelled
cos mr. md nazirul MIA again
wang ba dan stupid mat-gym
was looking thru facebook for some
stupid quiz to waste my time

but all i can see is mafia war
this that everything mafia war
mafia war mafia war mafia war
thats wat happen when you've 1048 mafia friends
at level 141 = sianznation

many a times
i still can't win a fight with
all these imbal weapons/armors/shits: -

Your Mafia of 501 fought against Elien with 15 AR-15 Assault Rifles, 134 Easter Egg Bombs, 139 Bushmaster ACRs, 123 AA-12 Auto Shotguns, 90 Midas' Butterfly Knives, 4 Federal Agents, 4 A Pint o' Green Beers, 8 Half Dollar Body Armors, an Ushanka , 16 Bodyguards, 16 Night Vision Goggles, 452 Body Armors, 13 Humvees, 2 Police Cruisers, 14 Porsche 911s, 23 Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" Motorcycles, 21 Armored Cars, 3 Chrome Skylines, 4 Private Jets, 420 Town Cars, and a Stolen Mail Truck.


Crash n Burn

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

Not true after all..

Friday, April 24, 2009

nonsense day

i juz came back from a very fulfilling supper
with bankean at prata
2 of us spent $25 eating till we are bloated
how imbal?

anyway we went to court after that
the stupid kids were saying
"阿龙 kum lan jiao 很舒服
很像在 massage
then 有 vibration 的"
wat the fuck?

today's work was weirdass
cos some ang mos came for some function
and they got really drunk
and continued drinking at our side
tried to create trouble too
and the funniest thing is
they thought i'm the "boss" around
cos i'm the only one who understands english
what life?

anyway i was quite happy
that edwin understood
when i told him
the significance of someone
coming to fetch you from work
it means a lot
especially when your work is SHIT

静 says:
*dun give up halfway ah
*a man got to do what a man got to do

thanks jocelyn
thats my quote

Thursday Laguna

how scary is it
to start a post
with jon-boy holding a knife?
anyway the whole laguna knows that
we have 3 new staff
2 mentally unsound dicks and a malay

lunch that day

any idea wat she was trying to order
i swear 90% of the people here
cannot spell spaghetti

i love to see the carbon copy of my sketching

me and szeyun got a shock
by this radish tail
on one glance
it really look like some ninja weapon
fuurin used to injure the foots of their enemies
or some unicorn horn, something

meet our new pets
no la, they're for the vongole pasta

helped western side pack their chicken wings
showed them how neat their kitchen could be
they usually just throw their things everywhere

Look! A genie!
grants you one wish
if you let him hold your head

alternatively, you can insert weed
warning: if you put in anything else, a sweekean will pop out

lunch that day

isn't jaffa the name of the bad dude
from Aladdin?
the one with a nasty parrot

schedule next week
from hell right?
i'll be working 9-days straight without a break
and i dun get paid extra for public holidays

which cheapskate company cannot afford
to print out their documents/forms
i'll tell you - my company!

this is so cool
i wanna buy one of this and
shred all the carrots in the world

our army imported couple dozen of
ballistic missles to attack bedok
so if you stay in bedok - watch out!

braised duck breast with cranberry sauce
on arugula greens

since when was that on our menu?
anyway wat happened is that our senior sous chef
is leaving the company in july
so a new chef is taking over
the top guys from our company
came to try his dishes
btw, all the kitchen staff never see arugula before
our senior sous chef dun even know the name

sweekean, who came into the kitchen to kaypo
said its her favourite vegetables
then i ask her - wat is it call?
she replied she doesn't know
so i enlightened her
"Arugula - Rocket Lettuce. Nutty and Bitter."
thank you, mr. chia!

meanwhile the other customers were neglected
orders took super long
and look at the black fish and chips
so NEVER come by, when we have VIP in the house

helped the stewarding ah neh
collect and soak the dishes
dared edwin to drink a cup of the water

lunch that day

yea-- FUCK SIAN!
under my umbrella.. ella.. ella..

tang guo came and find me after work
so i went to grab a bite at niwa

check out her new hair
anyways bumped into cherlie
and her new prey

then i grabbed another bite at BK

bumped into gina
check out her new hair

结果咧 结果咧 结果咧 结果咧?