Friday, March 20, 2009

Work Begins..

Reporting In..

Cute right?

Who wouldn't fall in love
with a scenery like that?

This goes up your ass

Cafetarian Food - Horrible as always

I was going through the menu
when something caught my eye..

Its not my favourite food
but a "swear word"
me and aloy like to use

Beautiful Pool

More beautiful after the rain..

Trying out the uniforms..

My locker.. SCM016
Please dun rob my smelly clothes

Time schedule in..

Touring the Jacuzzi - AWESOME SHITE!

Spa - Oxygen Therapy

Everyday it blooms a little
towards the end of its life..
Keep Rollin'...

Look at the beautiful grains on its petals

Coffee break inside the office

Ooh.. Corys..
I love Corys..

Take me home..
Keep Rollin'..

On the second day of work,
PA and ZY were really sweet
they came to pick me up
from Simei MRT
and went to eat chicken rice

The wanton is power-packed
From Banquet

Han River Table BBQ
An experience i'll never forget..
Keep Rollin'..

PA bought us Sweet Talk
and we went to look at her old house

and it blooms a little more..

I was on OFF-DAY on wednesday
but i have to stay home to chiong my
BHT3010 - Contemporary Issue Research Supp
PA was playing basketball alone downstairs

Oh! A new public phone at my void deck..
Kane, ZY and PA came to give me moral support
by watching Jay Chou in my room
Thanks guys..

Back at work, there was an evening order of Ngoh Hiang
I was quite amazed the kitchen crew
dun even know what Ngoh Hiang is
I have to go into the kitchen to identify it for them

and it blooms towards full glory..
Keep Rollin..

Went to submit
BHT3010 - Contemporary Issue Research Supp
with not-so-friendly neighbour, Evelyn Hoh

Printing out the Hard-Copy at IT School
bumped into Apple doing dry-run for SL Camp

Went to have Bubble Tea near McDonalds'
Relac Relac a while..

Lil Eve gave me a lift home
before she went to work
Keep Rollin'..

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