Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Things..

First thing first - Goodbye James Ong!
Went to NS finally after bumming around for 1 year plus
Its time to be a MAN.

Second thing
I was sound asleep
Got a relentless call from TP
On the third call, I finally picked up
TTM asked me to go back for
Comtemporary Issues HT3010 (Research Paper)
Intensive Revision tomorrow
Wadafark? I failed again?
Please TP, I'm not interested in your fucking HTM anymore
I dun wanna work in some stupid IR
with all the foreign workers
for a lowly paid job
Juz gimme my fucken diploma
And I go tattoo "T" on my left butt cheek
"P" on the right
and I'ma fuck off from TP
If you're lucky, you may give it a lil kiss

Third thing - I'm outta cigarettes
Anyone wanna buy me some weed?

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