Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i like to smoke near these flammable gas tanks
it makes me feel closer to death

after the long pause
i think night cycling club is dispensed
let me try to form a Paranormal Investigation of Tampines club

PA paid Kane $5 for this ride

Have you ever
1. Sang K-Lunch ($10) from 11am to 4pm
2. Free one jug beer
3. Be in a VIP room when you only have 4 person
4. Alternate people who come later are FREE-OF-CHARGE

Nigga, we're FIRST CLASS livin' it up!

there's a bar counter in the room
i wonder what its for

The seats were so far
the words appeared too tiny
we had to choose song all the way in front

Do the hustle!

Concert moments

Lunch was great!

Munch Munch

OMG, ben was right!
kane does look like 杨宗纬!

"ve ben anh nhung ngay xua nguoi se quay ve vor anh"
whatever that means =_=


the NASTY boy at Subway

Story of a friend called Keagan

Went home to sleep
then met JX at t-mart
she treated me choc sundae
she asked me
"why is your blog name thedemoninme, tell me frankly
do you have a lot of demons in you? are you satanic?"

i nearly put ice-cream into MY nostrils
then she said
"you know i saw on the internet that Om Mani Padme Hom wards off evil spirits?
you're supposed to chant this when you go hotel rooms when holidaying in Thailand"

i decided my ice-cream should go into HER nostrils

On my way home
Kane called for prata

Saw one of my SLs
I never wanna remember SL Camp
Never in my life


Sometime ago
I was a simple person with simple needs
simplicity at its best
happy with simple needs

I dunno wat got into me
I started to "want this want that"
want to drive, want to eat good food
want to have everything under the sun
Unsatisfied with wat i had
Wanting to achieve more than my expectations

I thought it thru
and realised - its the environment
the people around you
their desires and greed
its invisible, like osmosis
and it spreads like virus unknowingly

i think the xtians calls it
the devil at work
the buddhists call it
贪,惩,痴 in life

i think i just found another piece of myself

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