Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last 5 Days..

Yes! the government gave me some money (above)
I shake in fear when i see an envelope printed "On Government Service" (below)
However, this one did not recall me back for reservist
Thank you..

Chào buổi tối, can we have some Ayam Penyet?
the friendly stall aunty was preparing curry puff skins
with the roller
Keep rollin' aunty.. Keep rollin'..

Ăn nào!

It rained when we were about to play basketball
after Ayam Penyet
So we sat at the void deck watching Kane sleep
and a malay couple play Risk

Playing Phantasy Star Portable
Rolly sells parts for you to upgrade your armor =)
Sometimes.. Sometimes..

7am Basketball - Chào buổi sáng
James and Win lost to Kane and myself
Wager - Tim Sum Breakfast + Bubble Tea

Keep Rollin'.. Keep Rollin'..

Such a pretty flower in the neighbourhood
But it looks like a yellow penis from certain angle
I'ma call it Penis Flower or Scrotum Flower

Our prize for winning!

I used to play this Magnet Fishing Game
when I was little
I'm not sure if my sister still remembers

My dad brought me to eat Long John Silver
Or rather, I brought my dad

Classroom Session
Hope I make it through finally this time round
Note: The person below me on the list
shares the same name as my sister

Mr. Cassim is really nice, I swear
He's not like some other teachers who only care about their own asses
Or just wanna kaypo about your shitnitz

This is what I would call

Lunch with Kane
Take a good look at the menu
(click image to enlarge)

the orange backdrop reads:
The way to happiness is
Keep your heart free from hate,
your mind free from worry.
Live simply, give much.
Fill your life with love.
Do as you would be done by

A lil above average pricing
for an F&B outlet in the neighbourhood though

Fresh Mushroom Soup
This is pretty good - got fight with Ken Tan's

Kane ordered a Burger

Mexican Salmon Steak with Rice
for MING

Food: 3.5/5
Menu: 5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Hygiene: 3/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Remarks: By the way, its vegetarian!

Watching Movies at my Crib

I know when I post this
There will be ppl thinking/telling me
"Wa lao-- play badminton never jio me"
I'm NOT your fitness instructor
If you wanna join my fitness club
its $99.90 only, monthly subscription

Cài này là gì?
Give me back my shuttlecock!

the moon and the stars makes me sad
they are so alone
in this big cruel world..

I've been pondering over few things i read in sutras:

1. the Buddha always give his speeches in a courtyard
to thousands of people, but how?
during that ancient time, i doubt they have microphone
2. in the Diamond Sutra it states that in the last 500 years
of Buddhism, it is the purest
because by then the people do not know how a Buddha look like
how can that be possible? if people knows/practice Buddhism
yet have no information, there can only be 2 possibilities
a) there is a religion massacre
b) it is after the world has ended,
the people relied on stone carvings/inscription etc

anyone wanna answer my questions?

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