Friday, March 20, 2009

Last 48 Hours of Freedom

Solero Split..
Keep Rollin'..

Look closely..

Young Kang's smelly feet
and PA drawing hearts on the court

I used to know someone
who can fold something like that too..

Keep Rollin'..

Din have Briyani Rice from Mr. Prata
ever since Rabbit Chen left Tampines
I dun like changes.. not a bit..

Anyway, I went to a night tour with my dad
First stop - Esplanade
mmm.. like i've never seen before

Second stop - The Merlion


Fullerton Hotel
I have little secrets there..

Third stop - Clarke Quay
Fashion Bar

My and my TP peep
used to patronise this bar

Nope.. I'm not there to club
though its a Saturday night

Fourth Stop - Lau Par Sat
I'm really starting to feel like a tourist

Assorted Satays

Fifth Stop - Vegetables Wholesale Market
Bumped into Kenny's dad there

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..
No.. not really..

A black cat for Saturday the 14th
Not a bad sign right?
Keep Rollin'

Sixth Stop - Senoko Fishery Port

I would be overjoyed
if i were a cat - meow!

BIG FISH.. small fish
BIG FISH.. small fish

My dad,
"So won't the real PCK please stand up?"

small fish

Processing Stingrays..

Processing Sotongs..

Sorting out Flower Crabs..
Male, Female, Transvestite, Got Egg, Got Flesh, No flesh..


Sorting out clams and shells
Yes, they do look like stones and pebbles

Why pull a long face?


Sulking Stingray

Good for a Blowjob

Sri Lanka Crabs

Processing Fishes

Anyway at the end of the trip
we sat at a coffee place
My dad sat with me and told me some stuff

"What belongs to you,
will eventually end up with you.
What doesn't belong to you,
don't force it.."

"Life is like morning dew,
when the time ripes,
all is gone without a trace.."

Sometimes i think my dad can read my mind.
Keep Rollin'..

I bought some lilies for the living room
I like them for a certain reason..
They bloom from buds
smells like heaven
but withers like the slums
Nothing last forever,
in the cold November Rain

but i give my last penny to see it bloom

Atako came and borrowed some stuff
to buy himself a new laptop =)
Its good to see my 18 years brother
Keep Rollin'..

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