Thursday, March 5, 2009

JB Day Trip - 04 Mar 2009

realise we paid extra 50cts
cos we were NOT going to Larkin

we're going to the zoo zoo zoo..

.. with 杨宗炜

look at the new JB customs
the government sure is rich

the checkpoint is like an airport

i wonder how the elderly are going survive walking long distances
just to clear the customs
i swear its a chore
and look at this, the walkway can cover 2 basketball courts

finally there's a travellator at the end of it
its a really short one
so whats the point here?

but i must say the architecture is really fetch

the reason why miss poh is unhappy
is because she dun eat KFC
she said it makes her laosai
but we din really care

wadafark? COOL BLOG?
i'll tell you wats a cool blog
its -->
and -->

omg! J.CO Donuts!
i love the donuts but i hate the coffee

we were quite lost finding the KFC outlet
asked a few passersby who gave us shit directions
under the killer weather
and finally..

ladies and gentlemen

this is the Chicken Rice Meal
its chicken rice-rice, 2 pc, chicken meatball soup and a drink
costs you RM8.90
i give it 3.5 upon 5
why do we have to come all the way to JB to eat KFC?

cos Singapore's KFC friggin suck shit!
its over-frozen beyond eternity
the chicken's not juicy anymore

after the fulfilling meal
we went to catch a movie
this stupid movie woman
cheated us that EDEN LAKE is a ghost show
so we bought the tickets
but she's really friendly, so i forgive her

while waiting for the show
we went to the arcade to play games
Daytona was from hell
my pedal was off so
my race car could only hit 215kmh max
which keeps a lap behind

then we tried Photohunt
big failure

so we decided to become Virtual Cops
din even get passed the first stage

then we went to stinky cinema 5
i swear the smell is horrid

then we went to walk around
and buy some stuff

look at the sky
its like an Imbalanced Yin-and-Yang
the Dark Side is taking over

ah.. i remembered to take a photo of their TV Mobile
its called Transnet
the screen is bigger than ours
but its rare you'll find one with Audio

anyhows, the programs includes
- malaysia tourism advertisements
- a funny malay sitcom
- recruitment ads

look at the aunty

kane bought our sick PA
a pink handphone strap
she was so touched she cried thrice
hope she gets well soon


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