Thursday, March 12, 2009

JAMES ONG Farewell Gathering

The day started with James Ong
Head Shaving Ceremony
Doesn't he look like a monk in a robe?

While waiting for Ziyi to return from camp
and Kane to wake up and get ready
We hung out at the Bubbletea Shop
where James taught Phuong Anh to play pinball

Then we took 23 to James' dad's Duck Rice Shop
No sorry girls, I'm taking photo of Temasek Polytechnic

狼狈 Camper Girl
Actually more like 脱线 Camper Girl

Thanks to James' Dad
Scrumptious Duck Rice meal
and Roast Chicken/Pork sponsored by Kane
Sugar Cane with Lemon sponsored by James Ong

After the meal, basketball with Adrian, PA, Ziyi and myself
Then Phuong Anh said she got craving for Fishball Noodles
After that, came my house to play Spot the Difference

Dunno why this makes her a very happy girl

PA feeding Ziyi like a baby

Basketball Session continues with Benz

Antony came back from interview
Kane came back from gym
Game On, After Dark!

Mr. Monster James Ong spending his last hours

Phuong Anh cried AGAIN

PA played her last 1-versus-1 with Monster James
after crying
Score 7 - 1

Bought James his Last Supper at 5am
Goodbye James
Take good care
Dun pick up the soap when you drop it
(Note: Look at PA's swollen eyes after all that crying)

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