Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GOOD BYE WINNIE [update 01]

some fucked up 6-day week schedule i got

runner, as always
always running away

the stupid stewarding indian
told me a lot of ghost stories from lagoona

death contract

lunch that day

mash potato

croooked stick's arowana and blood parrots

who holds the key to my heart?

bottles after bottles we dry


last day for PA

in case you're blind
it reads - Band of Hell
it sure rocks in Hell
(click image to enlarge)

mark could not bear to part with PA

bian holding his B-cups

492 ballers

ho-chi-minh & duncan

din know i look so weird playing basketball

goodbye PA!

want me to join police?
no f*cken way

abandoned flowers
people only want them when they're pretty

went to starbucks before win left

bumped into my ex-classmate rena

saw a photo in jon's facebook
if you are a major fan of my blog
u'll know i've done this pose twice


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