Tuesday, March 31, 2009

e-journal 1

Thought I everyone would like to read my e-journal:

I've been posted to L****a N******l G**f a*d C******y C**b for my internship program. So far so bad. Let me list why.

The HR department headed by Grace Ong and Simon left the company, but failed to handover anything to the new HR girl, Eve Ng (By the way, Jon thinks she's hot). Hence we did not receive any news for our internship. I had to call Laguna up only to hear from her that she did not know there are interns coming from Temasek Polytechnic. Sheila, an old staff did not help her with that as well.
On our first day, they even lost our application form, we had to filled up again. Causing us to waste our first day doing nothing except stone, read magazine, talk about girls.
Before our first day of work, I emailed Eve Ng to process our employment letter BEFORE 29 March 2009, and we only received it yesterday (30 March 2009). Are they taking interns seriously?
A company's HR department is supposed to take care of the welfare of the organisation, but in our situation. We were only exploited through extra working hours.
Learning point: Do not go to a company with lousy HR Department.

We have been thrown to The Lakes, also known as coffee house. Only to found out that it is actually a restaurant. Disappointment. We had already learnt everything we could from SSM and we had all worked in bigger and more reputable F&B establishments. What can we learn - nothing. To make things worse, we had to work 6 days week and the hours are deadly. However we were tough men who goes to gym, so these tasks do not kill us. We were told we could meet potential employers who visits as guests or members. However, chances of interaction was little as they were always rushing for time.
To create such a cause, we would need to be working in environments like pubs or a REAL coffeehouse. So as to be able to strike conversations with relaxed guests who have a lot of time to spare. Then, we can whore ourselves.
If we were only to be placed in 2 outlets and tasks as of now, we're just wasting our internship time.
Learning Point: Know what you are getting into.

Nothing much. Except the typical being pushed around by bitter old widows with low self-esteem; pretty much similar to the working world.
Being able to converse in Cantonese really helps if you are in the F&B industry because it is flooded with Malaysians. This being my very advantage, I was on quickly on friendly terms with the chefs and showered with the extra food they prepared. Besides porking myself for the slaughterhouse, I also learnt that they enjoy whoring and alcoholism on their off days.
Learning Point: 出水能游,入水能跳,能屈能伸,出污泥而不染

Hang in there, everybody!
If you think your internship is sh*t. Read this again and again and feel better.



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