Tuesday, March 31, 2009

e-journal 1

Thought I everyone would like to read my e-journal:

I've been posted to L****a N******l G**f a*d C******y C**b for my internship program. So far so bad. Let me list why.

The HR department headed by Grace Ong and Simon left the company, but failed to handover anything to the new HR girl, Eve Ng (By the way, Jon thinks she's hot). Hence we did not receive any news for our internship. I had to call Laguna up only to hear from her that she did not know there are interns coming from Temasek Polytechnic. Sheila, an old staff did not help her with that as well.
On our first day, they even lost our application form, we had to filled up again. Causing us to waste our first day doing nothing except stone, read magazine, talk about girls.
Before our first day of work, I emailed Eve Ng to process our employment letter BEFORE 29 March 2009, and we only received it yesterday (30 March 2009). Are they taking interns seriously?
A company's HR department is supposed to take care of the welfare of the organisation, but in our situation. We were only exploited through extra working hours.
Learning point: Do not go to a company with lousy HR Department.

We have been thrown to The Lakes, also known as coffee house. Only to found out that it is actually a restaurant. Disappointment. We had already learnt everything we could from SSM and we had all worked in bigger and more reputable F&B establishments. What can we learn - nothing. To make things worse, we had to work 6 days week and the hours are deadly. However we were tough men who goes to gym, so these tasks do not kill us. We were told we could meet potential employers who visits as guests or members. However, chances of interaction was little as they were always rushing for time.
To create such a cause, we would need to be working in environments like pubs or a REAL coffeehouse. So as to be able to strike conversations with relaxed guests who have a lot of time to spare. Then, we can whore ourselves.
If we were only to be placed in 2 outlets and tasks as of now, we're just wasting our internship time.
Learning Point: Know what you are getting into.

Nothing much. Except the typical being pushed around by bitter old widows with low self-esteem; pretty much similar to the working world.
Being able to converse in Cantonese really helps if you are in the F&B industry because it is flooded with Malaysians. This being my very advantage, I was on quickly on friendly terms with the chefs and showered with the extra food they prepared. Besides porking myself for the slaughterhouse, I also learnt that they enjoy whoring and alcoholism on their off days.
Learning Point: 出水能游,入水能跳,能屈能伸,出污泥而不染

Hang in there, everybody!
If you think your internship is sh*t. Read this again and again and feel better.




sometimes i ask myself
wtf am i doing playing mafia wars everyday
sometimes i dun even know
why i'm still breathing


bad medicine

in life
there are 3 medicine
that are socially discouraged

1. alcohol - that helps u sleep
2. tobacco - that helps u feel less lonely
3. drugs - that helps you forget things

my choice is indulgence
life is short
there's no right or wrong

there's just a prison cell
and a few demons
playing tic-tac-toe on your back
with surgical knives


new phone? no thanks

dear frens
my phone is dying on me
i receive sms like 4hrs later sometimes
and my phone shuts off by itself 200 times a day

but still
i'm never gonna change my phone
i know i have a lot of rich frens
please do not buy me a new phone
i will not use another phone



Monday, March 30, 2009

bumper cars

I want to live my life
: D
bump bump bump
bump me soon



i wan to kill myself


Friday, March 27, 2009





i received a message today
that reads:

cheerup ah. life really isn't that bad. you have alot of friends, even me. although we not so close, i still really look up to you man. so don't drown in sorrows and self pity, get up and get going.





Wednesday, March 25, 2009


met willy sng yesterday
after, say 4 years?
shall blog with pictures when i have the time
hope everyone's having a time of their lives now
time to work


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


guess who i saw?
but did not find the courage to call out
如果永远你不必再难过 遗憾让我来过


rain again?

rainy day sucks



if 500d is coming out tomolo
then i buy 450d for wat? =_="


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Never End..

I don't know why
this song has been ringing in my head
for the whole of today
ever since i woke up..

Also available here:

Never End Never End 私たちの未来は
(our future)
Never End Never End 私たちの明日は
(our tomorrow)
数えきれない やさしさが支えてる
(uncountable tenderness supports me)
忘れられない 思い出の風が吹く
(a wind of unforgettable memories blows)
Never End Never End 私たちの未来は
(our future)
Never End Never End 私たちの明日は
(our tomorrow)
Fantasy 夢を見る 誰でも 夢を見る
(dreaming, everyone dreams)
数えきれない やさしさが支えてる
(uncountable tenderness supports me)

just kill me


Friday, March 20, 2009

Work Begins..

Reporting In..

Cute right?

Who wouldn't fall in love
with a scenery like that?

This goes up your ass

Cafetarian Food - Horrible as always

I was going through the menu
when something caught my eye..

Its not my favourite food
but a "swear word"
me and aloy like to use

Beautiful Pool

More beautiful after the rain..

Trying out the uniforms..

My locker.. SCM016
Please dun rob my smelly clothes

Time schedule in..

Touring the Jacuzzi - AWESOME SHITE!

Spa - Oxygen Therapy

Everyday it blooms a little
towards the end of its life..
Keep Rollin'...

Look at the beautiful grains on its petals

Coffee break inside the office

Ooh.. Corys..
I love Corys..

Take me home..
Keep Rollin'..

On the second day of work,
PA and ZY were really sweet
they came to pick me up
from Simei MRT
and went to eat chicken rice

The wanton is power-packed
From Banquet

Han River Table BBQ
An experience i'll never forget..
Keep Rollin'..

PA bought us Sweet Talk
and we went to look at her old house

and it blooms a little more..

I was on OFF-DAY on wednesday
but i have to stay home to chiong my
BHT3010 - Contemporary Issue Research Supp
PA was playing basketball alone downstairs

Oh! A new public phone at my void deck..
Kane, ZY and PA came to give me moral support
by watching Jay Chou in my room
Thanks guys..

Back at work, there was an evening order of Ngoh Hiang
I was quite amazed the kitchen crew
dun even know what Ngoh Hiang is
I have to go into the kitchen to identify it for them

and it blooms towards full glory..
Keep Rollin..

Went to submit
BHT3010 - Contemporary Issue Research Supp
with not-so-friendly neighbour, Evelyn Hoh

Printing out the Hard-Copy at IT School
bumped into Apple doing dry-run for SL Camp

Went to have Bubble Tea near McDonalds'
Relac Relac a while..

Lil Eve gave me a lift home
before she went to work
Keep Rollin'..


Last 48 Hours of Freedom

Solero Split..
Keep Rollin'..

Look closely..

Young Kang's smelly feet
and PA drawing hearts on the court

I used to know someone
who can fold something like that too..

Keep Rollin'..

Din have Briyani Rice from Mr. Prata
ever since Rabbit Chen left Tampines
I dun like changes.. not a bit..

Anyway, I went to a night tour with my dad
First stop - Esplanade
mmm.. like i've never seen before

Second stop - The Merlion


Fullerton Hotel
I have little secrets there..

Third stop - Clarke Quay
Fashion Bar

My and my TP peep
used to patronise this bar

Nope.. I'm not there to club
though its a Saturday night

Fourth Stop - Lau Par Sat
I'm really starting to feel like a tourist

Assorted Satays

Fifth Stop - Vegetables Wholesale Market
Bumped into Kenny's dad there

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..

Carrots and Peas..
No.. not really..

A black cat for Saturday the 14th
Not a bad sign right?
Keep Rollin'

Sixth Stop - Senoko Fishery Port

I would be overjoyed
if i were a cat - meow!

BIG FISH.. small fish
BIG FISH.. small fish

My dad,
"So won't the real PCK please stand up?"

small fish

Processing Stingrays..

Processing Sotongs..

Sorting out Flower Crabs..
Male, Female, Transvestite, Got Egg, Got Flesh, No flesh..


Sorting out clams and shells
Yes, they do look like stones and pebbles

Why pull a long face?


Sulking Stingray

Good for a Blowjob

Sri Lanka Crabs

Processing Fishes

Anyway at the end of the trip
we sat at a coffee place
My dad sat with me and told me some stuff

"What belongs to you,
will eventually end up with you.
What doesn't belong to you,
don't force it.."

"Life is like morning dew,
when the time ripes,
all is gone without a trace.."

Sometimes i think my dad can read my mind.
Keep Rollin'..

I bought some lilies for the living room
I like them for a certain reason..
They bloom from buds
smells like heaven
but withers like the slums
Nothing last forever,
in the cold November Rain

but i give my last penny to see it bloom

Atako came and borrowed some stuff
to buy himself a new laptop =)
Its good to see my 18 years brother
Keep Rollin'..