Monday, February 16, 2009

Wish for you on a falling star

"Wish for you on a falling star
Wondering where you are
Do I ever cross your mind
In the warm sunshine"

I remember someone tried to suan me
tell me i how long never go temple already
it makes me wonder how well
you guys are really in sync with your religion?

if you are a christian
do you go to church faithfully every week?
do you pray and speak to God daily
do your actions reflect what the bible teach
or do you at least try
AND remember to try

if you are a buddhist/taoist
do you go to temple every week?
do you even at least try not to lie?
do you even at least try not to kill?
are you even filial?

i think some of my friends know that
on a daily basis
i read the Amitabha Sutra once
Heart Sutra six times
Great Compassion Mantra six times
and every now and then i try to be a better person
that is my own homework i set for myself
sometimes even more

if you find yourself becoming a beast
or you realise you've been quite an asshole
its never too late to change
starting now
if you can't help yourself
seek the higher beings
it doesn't matter what religion you belong to

i do not only pray for myself
but the people around me
cos i know that i'm a demon
and the people around me are monsters
if i can't be forgiven
let the people around me be free, blessed and happy

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