Monday, February 16, 2009



this is the JX candy i was talking about
ho ho ho.. so funny

she even put it on her FB display pic =)

i love this MEIJI collection set
i dun eat candies
so i like to buy em for ppl i love

so cute hor?

technology chocolates

aren't these lovely too?

gives you all the energy you need

who's gonna eat this?

i gladly eat the one in red bikini =)
very gladly

nice chocolate man
hahha.. Lord of the Rings

Anybody wans this?
Moose poop chocolate! hahah..


some foul beast threw his vday choc wrapper
in the bus - horrible!

promised and delivered
(btw this is sokwei, if u can't recognise her new hair and nerdy look)
jelly got one too! i gave her a sunflower and the JX chocolates.
she cooked me yummy fattening pasta and
gave me a bottle of yummy fattening chocolates.

she was happily eating hello panda
and drinking red bull
but at least bothered to put the thrash in a plastic bag

found this at my house
dunno why i find it rather amusing
maybe its jacky chan


Double-S: Happy v day :) lol still dono where to go..
Yuewen: I love u but i'm not your lover. I care for u and I'm ready to share your pain but i'm not in your blood relation.. etc (FWD sms)
KooLiYan: Happy V day uncle! :)
Benedict(Minh): Happy valentine day singpaore most handsome dude. Haha.
Winnie(PhuongAnh): Haha. Happy v day.
Zhubao: Happy valentine!
AdrianLoke: Happy valentines day, darling

13mei: I cried after seeing your face book v day gift msg. Thanks ming. Lol.


a pretty grasshopper in my room

a yellow ladybird in my room
i've no idea why my room was visited by a lot of insects
on valentines day
maybe they scared i'll be lonely
and came to accompany me
thanks guys! =)

It was Choonyi's birthday
So we met up 3pm TM Pizza Hut

Soup of the Day: Mushroom Soup
Ken Tan's mushroom soup is still the unbeaten champion

Hut's Platter
Oily, fattening, just like Zhubao

Thin Crust Pizza X2

Choonyi's cake from Prima Deli

Adrian the Romeo presents the cake
as everybody chorused

We took a lot more pictures
with Zhubao's camera
waiting for her to upload

Chocolate Truffles Cake
We ate it at HD
Thanks to Shihui =)

Bumped into Jasmine

Me and Adrian plotting something evil..


Quite gross.. hahha!

In the end we all kena =(


My blade has 6 Engines

I used to choose Slayer a lot
but her life is too little for a chiongster like me

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