Monday, February 9, 2009

The Right One..

Farewell to my dearest friend, Yang
Left this world on 06 Feb 2009 (Friday), 9am
May you find happiness in your new world
In loving memories, Animal Farm

Went to play pool with Lest, James, ChrisX and Jelly

Our Damage:
MING - $3.00
James - $7.80
ChrisX - $15.00

Went for a smoke at the not-so-secret stairway
to escape from the merciless air-conditioning
Was reminded of a beautiful memories
where Maz & Wils were there for me
before work blinded us and tore us apart..

The Demon Kings - MING and MAZ

Someone lost their Shih-tsu, Keloin
Seen any Thai construction workers cooking it?
I can't help but notice
How similiar the dog's name is, to Sirloin
Hmmm.. could be at Aston's

I had e-Coffee
I love the Specialty Coffee with Coffee Jelly there
When I went to order my drink, the Chinese-national Barista
pointed at my shirt and said "Starbucks!"

Lester got me and Wen these runes from New Zealand
He said it has special meaning
Specially for the both of us

MING (Spiral/Kobu)
Growth, Harmony and New Beginnings, Peace and Tranquility
(I think he wants me to be Uzumaki (Spiral) Naruto)

WEN (Manaia)
The Guardian, carries supernatural powers and protects from accidents and evil.
(Yes, car accident for sure..)

Thanks Lest, we love you long time!

Prata with James, Adrian and Double-S
Kimikokokrunch came but left early

We played Poker, Blackjack, Word-chain.. etc
The forfeit was ear-flicking, as usual
Adrian did not do his usual fearless "Double-up"s
Look at James' evil face - he is such a monster

Special thanks goes out to - Sarah, Serene and Ivy
Thanks thanks thanks..
The FEB issue of DOLCE is out! =)
Do grab your copy from the CBD area.
The rest who submitted will be out in the MAR issue.

This is my section! =)


Training continues with Jo (Sniper)
I remember me and Wilson likes to buy Desolator for Sniper
so he shoots nice rainbow colour bullets! =)

Look at our MEGA creeps
chasing the enemies into their fountains!


JAZ asked me on msn
"how u know someone is the right one for u"
i was just talking to James and Double-S
about it yesterday night
I personally feel that you know its the right one
when everyday is such a happy day
even fights/unhappy days seem so sweet
you can't get your mind off that person
you close your eyes you see him/her
you open your eyes you see him/her
you save up, and plan to go out with him/her
you burn down your entire forest for him/her
you're so proud of him/her, you want everyone to know
you want to hold his/her hands and dance under the stars
you plan surprises and everything he/she says is cute and silly
his/her presence makes unhappiness/weariness go away
you are willing to suffer, to make him/her happier
you love him/her the same
even when his/her hair is like shit
and even when he/she got pimples all over his/her face

everywhere u go, you think of that person
everything u do, you think of that person
everything u eat, you think of that person
every breath u take, you think of that person
every sms that comes, you wish its that person
you worry for him/her
you wanna protect him/her
you get jealous of him/her
you wanna spend your last cent on/with him/her
you dream of a married life with him/her
having kids, getting old together, holding hands in heaven

When that person leaves you
he/she scars you so bad
you lose your sanity, dignity and ability to lead a normal life
It hurts worse than any physical pain could give
The poison eats you relentlessly
and there is NO antidote
You lost meaning in life
and realises that you've finally loved somebody
more than you loved yourself
Good Game!

That person is the One, the Right One
This person is extremely hard to find
May be once in a lifetime
Lacking any of the points above
does not qualify him/her
I must state that:
1. this person is the Right One for you
2. you may not be the Right One for him/her
3. remember that Life/Fate is always cruel

Those who have met the one will know
what the hell I'm talking about
I hope this answer the question for most of you.
May you all find happiness..
Om Mani Padme Hom

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