Sunday, February 1, 2009

Phantasmic Odyssey of Victuals

Oh yes.. I forgot to mention something interesting
Last night my paternal family came over
and we LOU HEI-ed
you know everyone usually LOU and say things like
"LOU AH! HUAT AH!" among all auspicious words
my uncle was like "God Bless, Hallelujah!"
all the way as he was tossing the dish
cute eh?

bumped into Dexter at the interchange
he lost quite a bucket of hair to Singapore Arm Forces

a bit obvious right?
we're filming some rubbish show
its call [Phantasmic Odyssey of Victuals]
big word, wanna fight about it?

I fell in love with this HDV! =)

Found a block that actually has the KONOHA symbol

don't understand? go Google it

the script

Find Phantom Lancer!

There you go! =)
Kimahri Ronso - Phantom Lancer

so this is how they attach new lifts to HDBs
i wonder if the whole section will fall off

Finally finished filming from 10am to 10pm
Tired until i wanna die already
But I'm glad its finally my turn to be filmed
and I get to be the lead
You know its been quite some time since Red Cliff 2

[Phantasmic Odyssey of Victuals] will be out in a weeks' time
Stay tuned! =)

Tomolo gonna do my project whole day
Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou!
加油 加油 加油!

For the last time today..

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