Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MMC Memories

Adrian asked me if i have an extra
cigarette case to spare him
so i flipped through my junk box
and i found 2 MMC cards
such fond memories of the past..


animal farm - white tiger

animal farm - liu gong gong

animal farm - kenneth

animal farm - pig
(look how cute he used to be)

animal farm - goat

then, there was a girl who was always there for me
but i din treasure her


my stare could 退 demons

haha.. her A-maths textbook


me and ah-kai at AI DE HUA wedding

the 38s of Singapore Press Holdings

Chunyue, East Point Starbucks

Then there was "niu niu"

yep.. FIR

huimei's gonna be so delighted to see this picture


rachael at Tampines Mall

Lil von


Celia and Fianee

Retarded girls

Cloven Ong

and Cloven Ong

My niggas - Alvin and Charsiew-Khid

Live Life

Then there was whye yue

Cecilia celia

Cloven again

Short fart

Whye yue again

and again

running around the pillar
told u guys i'm indian

and celia, a ghost

ahh-- song yu


the famous picture of me and my ah-ma

look how intimidated my ah-ma looks
i think it was mothers' day

my sister and benardo

cousins at suntec

when they were such nice little angels

jaz used to be so cute
now she eats human babies for lunch

please look at my 6-packs
ken's house

lil lucky - my first dog

lil lucky - isn't he precious

lil lucky - actually not
he's a villian

lil lucky - who poops on my PS2
i hate him

lil lucky - lil angel


lili - married

jolynn - singapore girl

lili again


i named this series of photos - retarded

JEGANESAN - super mario

retards too

helm of glory

they call me the High Flyer
cos i'm always on ops with the senior officers

i dun remember why ah tay brought his gf's hairclip
they are getting married this year

timmy, before his death

TZM - steam!

call me SGT LEONG

stupid sooty

mohawk maniac

my girlfren, tasha

relac one corner - MTV

CA Suit

INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - open your eyes, fuckers

DART siol

When you say nothing at all..

i think this is sooty

cool hor?

my love for VESPA

zico - everyone was so afraid of her
but i was secretly in love with the demoness
she's such a sweet girl

news reporter

this was my coolest pic

i named this pic - TARE MING

fishing with adrian was joy

my Vintage-Vespa dream

i vandalised this in MTV

gerald and his gigantic cock

rex boy

a big dog now

my ORD-status

prettiest girl in the whole wide world

she's a cat

how much i miss her
RIP, my dearest tasha


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