Sunday, February 22, 2009

Memories of MING - Thank You!

I posted a note on Facebook
that reads:
Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember. Don't send a message, leave a comment here. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

Here are the comments
Thank you everybody! =)

Biry - ming is so boliao.
ours would be the malaysia trip for performance. and the stupid 姐妹gang. our sai gang because of the ashtray...

James - i got alot of memories with u leh.
15 lesson.
midnight prata
midnight bball
and more to come. =)

Ken - I cant choose between 2.
1) After not seeing you for quite some time, we went out for supper and after that we sat at the playground below ur flat and had a really long time chat. U told me about yourself and what you have been doing, and I did the same. What you said to me also put a stop to 4 months of indecisiveness and it was after that day that I decided to go after her. Oh, you also asked me for crab meat bakkwa and bak ku teh from genting.
2) We met by chance on the 1st day of school at CJC. I was very to see you there among all the unfamilar faces. Also, you were shorter than me at that time, while in primary you were either taller or same height as me. When I realised I was now taller, I realised it had been a very long time. and we had come a long way then, and even further now - and much further more to go.

PP - i still remember hai lang chuan qing when i acted as the gardener that spilled all the gossips. remember. :D

Nic - haha
hmm lets see O_o
a memory of you as my retarded GL (FoC) of laughs and giggles XD


Martin - Ophix!
and i rmb, there's one night i cried at one of the staircase in Business School alone, during a very stressful dance training.
And u say sth like, 'guys cry beause they pity themselves' and u share with me some of ur life obstacle.
: )) Impacted.

Lingyu - off the top of my head, hmmm... studying at the budget terminal; first time i was there! HAHA

13mei - ah leong and 13mei gang fight.

Sokwei - meeting before SSM for breakfast at engine.

Hakim - mohawkkkk

Matt - 15 lessons!
and .. the day we bought expired ciggys..

Adrian - lol. a lot also leh. haha. can i name a few instead of just one?
erm.. the 1 pointer shot that took forever so we could go home..
errr.. there was once after bball when james left already and there was just the 2 of us talking about life.
first blood vid.
haha. here and there got memories la..

Amelia - there was a period of time when we were talking on MSN about our lives, or something like that. i rmbred you were always very encouraging.

Arts Appreciation class.
One familiar face, calms my soul alots.:D
thanks for that still (:

Majority were from OPHIX
Thank you guys
I hope one day you may become a great GL
who will leave pleasant memories with your freshies also
Being a GL is not about being able to cheer the best/loudest
Its about LOVE
so remember to go beat up your freshies

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