Friday, February 13, 2009

Life Goes On..

Was chionging my Research Paper and got hungry
Mr. Prata did their monthly washing up
such a sight

the BUS school canteen toilet leaves me
so many memorable day in TP
good ones, bad ones..

i hate to use the school computer
i had to change 4 computers
before i finally printed my project

and i was contestant number 1
surprise surprise!

lecture.. mmmm...

I still have no idea
which joker signed me up for SDU/SDS
they kept sending me newsletters, mails
ask me to go for blind dates, meet friends etc
and that idiot is still paying for my annual subscription

Yes.. DOLCE magazine (Feb09)is out
i received my copies
thanks again to - Sarah, Ivy, Serene, Charmaine

Wooh-- double page special! =)

Ooh.. school girl leh!
Eh? you got semen on your uniform!

SUBWAY at 2pm
james and JY was supposed to be here also
but james woke up at like 3pm?
JY woke up at 5pm - lagi best!
together with us are -
Benedict (Minh) and Winnie (Phuong Anh)

subway always reminds me
of the beautiful TAS days

i would buy these for my kiddy peas
i would

adrian trying to look like a nigga

xiyao is damn 欠打
i shall punish her wearing my Crown of Subway

Winnie also wants to wear the crown

Isn't this picture freaky?

James the Monster punishes Xiyao (Semen Misa Misa)

I took 6 cards and got 19pts
and i lost to 20pts dealer -

isn't this cool?
new graphic calculator
looks like those sissy palmtops
girls use to write down their crushes
and calculate their menstral cycle

please unsubscribe me -- PLEASEEEEEEE!


it sucks when your artist can't even spell "Obsession"
hahha.. joke
poor bala

been on winning streak in poker weekly tornie
now i'm in the money with $3k

Meanwhile at Spot the Difference
I'm pushed to #5
Enters the GIANTS

this is for me and James' Bubbletea Tea Tournament
we will be at -

Double-S took this
She said its my lorry =_="

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