Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jancy + Sentosa 27 Feb 2009

Happy Birthday, Jancy Pig! =)

Ok.. correct me if i'm wrong
this pizza sticker thing is black in colour
if its hot, the "HOT" word will reveal itself

correct me if i'm wrong again
the pizza scooter/bike has this heat retention box
that is extremely hot
and the cardboard box used to contain the pizza kinda insulates heat
MEANING the sticker reveals "HOT"
as long as it juz came out of the bike/scooter box for say, 10min?
means you will get a "HOT" pizza as long as
you stay 10min walking distance from your parking area
even if the pizza is cold, the sticker will reveal "HOT"
within the escape time from the scooter/bike box

correct me if i'm wrong
only the istana gets compensation
for stickers that do not reveal "HOT"
unless the pizza delivery man keeps the stickers
under his armpits before he paste it on the box
at your door

you are so old..

what bullshit?

wallis says anthony is fair and cute
i think she likes young boys

and look.. he orders banana splits
while we have teh

爱的Alarm Clock for James

Yes, i do cheat playing Madame Fate


PA cried cos she thought James is not coming along
anyway the fucker is just late - as usual

撞裤 OMG!

breakfast at MAC
i kill anyone who tell me
they had nice mcgriddles at east coast parkway mac

i could see a playback
even when i'm not here
sometimes i dream of it

zhubao and jesslin - LATE QUEENS


kane = mad

burying the mad man

happy zhubao, before her camera spoilt



look into her eyes


one two three = 三层肉



Jesslin got thrown into the sea


next victim on the menu

christine cheo!

my best days

Bathing Time

Sometimes I touch the things you used to touch,
looking for
echoes of your fingers.

i used to sit here and sms back to TP

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
the peak of my creativity - watch it!

also available here:

gone were the good old days..
forever and ever

poor anthony came after school
but din get to play with us at the beach

waiting for the rest, to eat

ben was a lucky chap
he found one dollar at the beach
and he won a blue carebear at the arcade
and killing spree in air hockey

ponyo ponyo

stupid james stole my hair band



i have no idea wat kane was trying to do

this is a nice song =)

ben knocked out

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