Monday, February 9, 2009

funny dream

I just woke up from a very funny dream
That I was working in this company with Randale
in our company only have The Boss, Randale and Me

The Boss is some kinda foreigner la
then he had an old car which he doesn't like to drive
he puts it in the office for us to drive out
to do things and buy lunch

So this day I was going Mt. Faber with the car
then i stopped by this shop for a smoke
it was a pet shop which was quite funny
there was this huge tank that has a sea otter inside
and 2 more funny animals

while i was on the phone with the boss
this cat walked past me
and it was walking on two legs
you know, like puss in boots
just without the clothes on
i was like WTF?

suddenly the boss phone cut off
so i called him back
but it was unavailable
so i called his some number or something
i dun remember, but some how - telepathy?
me, randale and the boss met up at some cafe

the boss says his daughter had some tax issue
in new zealand thats why his phone got cut off
ok, i dun understand this part either
then he issued me a silver colour sticker
for me to paste on my wrist

it seems every employer in that world has this thing
its like 10-digit stickers on one strip
made up of numbers and alphabets
you have to paste it on ur wrist for god knows wat reason
then he say the company will sponsor me a watch
it can be any watch, but the colour must be off grey

then when i look at the sticker paper
it has my name on it
and my appointment was one word - "Video"
what does it mean when my appointment is Video
and not Video Manager or something?

it was funny la
anyway i used to have this kinda funny dreams very often
used to..

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