Sunday, February 1, 2009

DotA with Jelly

Was teaching Jelly how to Defend the Ancients
here are the screenshots-

haha.. i even manged to farm a Skadi
i remember how wilson, chin, yang taught me how to play sniper
when i first took up DotA a year ago
Yang said "Buy this MKB. See! Shoot like machine gun!"

This was no good.. din get my Satanic

I just realised that if you Diffusal Blade Mr. Roshan
He gets a major electric shock
which is quite a sight!
He looks ker-song! Like got an orgasm.

Maleh maleh hom.. (Skill + Manta)
I split into 6 images, surround and humtum the enemy
like the picture below..

Humtum Humtum Humtum Humtum Humtum Humtum
"Take that! You stupid Gay Purple Beetle!"

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