Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i remember when i was in CJC
there were so many drinking parties
and knowing i smoke also
my classmate cedric always call me
a "body-spoiler"
you know? someone who spoils his body
hahha.. he damn funny
then we used to move and talk in spasm
and we would do dumb things
we call "shock show"
memories of 17 years old

"Would you like to have a BODY-SPOILER?"

i came across this friend's blog
read some stuff about taking cough syrup
our race dun take cough syrup one
its the lowest grade of high
if you really wanna get 'high'
go sing F.I.R "让我们GET HIGH, 用双手把田撑开”
or save money go buy some proper drugs
cough syrup = no standard


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