Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality.

Xiyao-the-idiot is now studying at TPJC
She damn free
got break will walk over to our side
bug us to buy her bubble tea
or go salon and watch James do his hair

Supper was at Tmart McDonalds'
with Adrian, James and Jelly
A place where I used to study for my tests/exams

Forgot to mention
I just changed my toothbrush to KODOMO
Wish I have tasty toothpaste to go with it

Went TP for Career Lecture
This dude is from NATA DE COCO NATAS

Waited for Sokwei at SugarLoaf
to lunch at Toptable 1130am
Guess who I saw --> Daniel Chia
One of my favourite coolio lecturer in TP

This is a Cocktail
Every year we ordered and regretted
and ordered and regretted
and ordered and regretted
and ordered and regretted
and ordered and regretted

Sokwei taking out many shots
to not look so ah-lian

"This is a nice Bread, I am a cool Tony Leung."

This is a Salad

This is a SOUP

This is the Main Dish - Chicken Breast

This is the Dessert - STEAM!

This is the Coffee & Pistachio Biscotti

Every year, Sokwei gets to check the boxes
and I get to write the comments

This is the Comment Card
We have to write nonsense every year we come
(click image to enlarge)

Just the 2 of us?
Nope. There's a special guest..

Chalaaaa-- My Ah Ma!

Just kidding, its just me and Sokwei

MING says "Om Mani Padme Hom"

MING and the BBQ-Anorexic-Pig-Face Sokwei

Speed Racer at ENGINE SCHOOL

Went to print some notes for our Research Paper - sian

I'm asking for it..

Saw Ling Ling at the Library Photocopy Shop

Why do I have this urge to
push her head into the copier
and zap a few copies of her face?

Ooh.. green-light means "GO!"
Do I do it? Do I do it?
Do I do it? Do I do it?
Do I do it? Do I do it?
Do I do it? Do I do it?

Anyways also to mention,
Our table was served by some
校园SuperStar Dude from CCM
(Sokwei recognised her from Manjusri).
and Nasty Nicholas Tam
I gave him a tip of 2 Clorets.

He kept coming to my table and
"Sir, hows the chicken breast?"
"Mr. Leong, hows the dessert?"
"Mr. MING, hows the coffee?"
"Sir, hows the packet of sugar?"
"Sir, hows the bill?"
I was about to kill him..

Pasta was prepared by HTM Sabrina
(thats not the reason why we din order pasta).

Every year, Sokwei and myself
will meet up for lunch at Toptable
talk about life at TAS
and how our lives crashed after TAS.
Check how well we've moved on in life
and talk shit about our current lives.

This year's conclusion:
"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

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