Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Events I'll Remember for the Rest of your Life

List 25 events in which you'll remember for the rest of your life/ or till this day.

1. The day I broke my nose

2. That year's ZPOP Concert

3. The day we had to put Timmy to sleep

4. The day Tasha left

5. The day Granny left

6. The day Ram left

7. The day SH lost a leg

8. The day Clifton left

9. The day WL's wife left

10. Ok this is all too morbid, happier things: The day Lucky came home

11. The day I studied SSM opposite A1 Bubble Tea

12. Xin'er birthday at Bedok Library

13. Cycling at Pulau Ubin with Cloudy and Sunny

14. Xmas shopping at Takashimaya

15. Studying for papers at Tmart Mac

16. That OPHIX DnD

17. The "99" Red Balloons on CCN Day

18. Eating at Aston's and Thai Express Siglap

19. That Champagne rose that look like an Orange rose

20. The one and only time dancing under the stars; my TAS days

21. Something different now: 5 days Lock-up during NS

22. Buying sweets with Szetat at the mama shop near old Geylang Maha Bodhi

23. The day I cried on the crowded bus

24. The day I ran around my neighbourhood crying, running, crying..

25. The Sentosa Outing after FO, at Vivo City, when I saw Keagan
(and fell in love with him.. just kidding)

actually there are more..
we should have 10,000.000 days that
you'll remember for the rest of your life


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