Saturday, January 10, 2009

watching 倚天屠龍記 today..

i was watching channel 8
while cooking my instant noodles
it was showing - 倚天屠龍記
(The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber)

張無忌 by 苏有朋 (Alec Su)
haven been watching television
so i probably last saw him with 小虎队
his acting damn fail

趙敏 by 賈靜雯 (Alyssa Chia)
i used to think she was quite hot
though she doesn't look a bit
like a mongolian princess in the show

周芷若 by 高圆圆 (Gao Yuan Yuan)
she's quite pretty too

but of cos i think
the best is still 1986 倚天屠龍記

Tony Leung, 46 - now still acting as young chaps and leads in Lust, Caution and Red Cliff
Kitty Lai - MIA totally already
Sheren Tang, 42 - now acting as cross-dressing girls, tomboys or aunties

my dad will definitely not agree

cos there is florence tan (second from left)
in this make of 倚天屠龍記
those who have followed my blog long enough
will know thats his idol (sorta)

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