Friday, January 16, 2009

Taste of Spring in the Air.. no air..

and the last few chinese new year wishes were sent out..

ooh.. pineapples along the street

jeSSlin's very ultimate cui phone

special thanks to james for lending his finger

me and james played wit the dogs for a while that day..
so cute! i wanna have a dog in my house in future

omg-- here comes the forest patroller
(sinister music plays for Contestant Mr. Adrian Loke..)

dressed to the nines
all set to go for a date
to look for Hope and Dreams

poor-thing bangla under the bridge

found something in my TP folder =)
the day i decided to quit smoking
the day
the reason
the faith
i juz smoked 5 min ago.. T_T

brought myself to jupiter

why do 99.999% of the indian muslim restaurants
have this freaky chef thing-thing
does it make their food taste better in any way?


nice tudor watch i saw on the newspaper =)

bought 3 cactus for a cheap deal
aren't they beautiful?

story of a little factory girl..

set tsuki and hoshi free..
free forever and ever
i'll miss you two brats..
like i miss em stars.. =)

accident that littered the pavements
nope.. no curry puffs inside
(a bit disappointed)

my mum wanted me to take a picture of this flower
she said it could be used as natural food dye
for many kuehs and stuff

a very sickly-and-cui me with my mum
we got this white paint on our foreheads
it symbolises 'the divine eye'
we got it cos we went to watch Lord Ganesha worship
(we are apu-neh-nehs)
i told my ah-neh fren about it
and he asked me "what did they chant?"
i was like -__-" "how would i know?"
i can only recognise - om ganeshaya namaha (homage to Lord Ganesha)

and among other indian words like
pandi kuti, pundeh, aishwarya rai, prata, ah-neh, tambi,
tosai, jaipuri, papadum, pie-see, ah-mui, naan,
vanegam, vasantham central, briyani rice,
mingennathan, fuckyu-you, your-daughter-kick-my-dog,
shanti, kurpal, krishan, ashok, darynani.. etc

anyways me, ruisong and yaozhong will be watching my fren
(coincidentally he was named after Lord Ganesha - ganesh)
play drums for Taipusam (or however u spell it) on 02 Feb 2009
and watch them satay to offer to Lord Murugan
(the God of Battles, and also Lord Ganesha's brother)

the fight

i saw yang's name here - KOTEK
"you are a pantat kau, lester is a kotek"
we would sing, smoking when we all worked at starbucks t2

kenny the blue ranger
(wafer lab)

its killing maddness
if only i were this imbal

this is how a public game would look like
with me inside (PL - jekyll69, click images to enlarge)

ok.. i'm very sick
i need to rest
good night world
hope you (reading this) have a good day ahead! =)

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