Monday, January 19, 2009


dad went to buy some furry thing to decorate our
after we ate breakfast
(saw james tahbao-ing for his mum/sis)

spider + mosquito = mospider? spiquito?

not much body
but quite a tasty and easy drink



"you got it!"
adrian doing charades

kenny acting cute

james being very vulgur
tsk tsk tsk

ken kicked mel's slippers up the roof
so he had to go get it back
i remembered once we were at EXPO JAZZ PUB
and ah Q was so drunk she threw yaozhong's slippers
up the roof too.. good o' memories

supper was carbonara + soya bean milk from 7eleven

lost 2 rounds of DotA with in-house players
4 vs 5
i was using PL and X

went back to the chalet to slack a while

everyone went to sleep
me, adrian and james were playing the 'highlight of the night'
we were so noisy ken's mum woke up

james told us he remembered
the first time he went to Escape Theme Park
i tell you..
the best Escape Theme Park is when they are under-maintainance
they give u free entry to go back again
then after that cab over to have fatty Aston's food for dinner

while we were taking bus back
adrian asked us
"If you can turn back time, when would it be?"
my answer was "during NS days.. or Primary School Days.."
then i asked them
"If you can end your life anytime before yesterday, when would it be?"
my answer was "christmas 2007"

but we all know life has its ups and downs
we fall we climb we fall we climb
we live we learn, we love we learn
we cry we learn, we hate we learn
holding pieces of memories and lessons in life
to make us who we are today

if i had one wish
i wish for everyone in this world to be happy
that they can find peace in their hearts
and lead a life without chains and bondages unlike me

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