Saturday, January 31, 2009


Stupid JX told me something
that made me really really upset
to make up to it
she shit-talked me
one of the most nonsense conversation ever
enjoy! =)

JX: i devoured one packet of jack n jill

MING: fat

JX: i wont be fat. ever.

MING: me too leh why ar

JX: i see so much fats on u fatty pig full of lard not like me like me so skinny

MING: i'm anorexic i'm from third world country

JX: ME TOO i was from har er bin ME TOO i was from har er bin i migrate from har er bin to mongolia

MING: i used to bury dead pets in my backyard so i can eat them later

JX: oh realy i didnt even bury i ate them straight yummy love the taste of raw kidneys and intestines can you dont so lame you making me mad like you okay > : (

MING: eh, i'm telling u my history ok? we can't afford to eat all at one go gotta save some in case it rains the next day we can't go out and hunt and dig for sweet potatoes so we'll juz dig out our pets and eat a small part of it juz to keep our bodies working

JX: where u live why no sweet potato why no sweet potato but got pets

MING: rain cannot go out dig ma

JX: ur story damn inconsistent okay

MING: pets are strays in our getto

JX: u live where?rain so often ah LOL its ghetto not getto

MING: ghetto la tsk no money for education can?

JX: thats what i said HAHAHHA okay continue continue

MING: i used to live in the Himalayan mountains big foot always come steal our women

JX: oh how many women u had? u king of your tribe? or what low or high rank one

MING: ya kinda, king of the ghetto

JX: then

MING: we can't fight the big foot

JX: u king means u must take up the responsibility in fighting big foot u know did u do that why leh

MING: so we always tie up young sexy ladies and offer it to big foot cos we no money to buy machine guns

JX: ohhh

MING: ya lo

JX: then let me guess one of the sexy ladies is your wive?

MING: no i dun have wives we are too poor to have sex malnutrition ppl cannot erect

JX: sex is free LOL thats untrue you dick HAHA

MING: how u know?

JX: i know

MING: ur tribe ppl always erect?

JX: YAh always all the time

MING: at the sight of u cos u too poor to buy clothes?

JX: wtf. gross shit. no lah not me

MING: wat life?

JX: my tribe people all gay. see my tribe leader

MING: is it?

JX: yah not attracted to me one my tribe is all gays and lesbians

MING: so they always erected ok can ur tribe also naked?

JX: haha no lah not girls girls wear penguin suit guys naked its liek that one we very strange then now we all disperse i come singapore my tribe leader in thailand now he is the head of all the ah gua insted of being tribe leader, he now ah gua lao da he started the ah gua trend in thailand u know sa wa de kap

MING: orhhh orrhhhh i see i see he cross dresser?

JX: yes can we talk like normal human beings? haha

MING: how do normal human beings talk?


MING: of cos beams!

JX: pa le ni stop being gay

MING: gui xia! get on ur knees

JX: u remind me of my close best friend he also very funny like you

MING: is it? no i funnier cos i indian

JX: u not indian stop lying to me u tricking me to be mad and starting a shit convo with u again

MING: thats bullshit! u dun know my heritage himalayans are indians

JX: serious i feel so stupid now im a dim wit haha OOHH shit

MING: haha-- i win beams

JX: LOL you win -gui-HAHA

MING: do i unzip now?

JX: lets see how alike are we okay number one- do you watch korean drama yes no

MING: no! they are fuck-tarded

JX: haha we are too different i love korean shows i love da chang jing and full hosue i love the da chang jing theme song and i even went to korea to go to the da chang jing theme park

MING: hahah-- my dad loves da chang jing, u can date my dad

JX: can i ? im so looking forward to it.

MING: realli? he dun like girls from mongolia

JX: so sad i am a mongol

MING: that was wat u said! that u were from har er bin then mongolia! bitch u lying to me!

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