Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Special guest at Prata

juz now i went to prata
jyzb sms me ask if we wanna cycle over for supper
then i told her
"james say no money for supper
but i'm at prata"

ask if she wanna come over

then suddenly i saw a fat-flat-din-teh girl
ran towards my table waving
"hello hello hello" like one siao char boh

the tall bar-tender came and asked
why we all sit separate
i told him later charge my bill to jyzb's table

then ah mui walked passed and kpo
asked if that "ah mui" (zhu bao) is my fren
i replied "ya"
he said
"why? ah mui change boyfriend ar?
this one more handsome deh."
i told him "wait my fren hear he 退 you ar!"
then he escaped with a naughty smile
and had his early nights off

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