Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Life

i saved this huge bug

some idiot created a mini trash bin on the seat

some bird flew into my kitchen and attacked my papaya

gina came over to do her Regent Hotel video
and started playing my piano
when the video was rendering

and played

and played..
..and stole some piano scores from my sister

the third batch goes to gina tay pei ru

went to my dad's shop to help out
was making name tags for Nanyang Girls' School

to entertain myself, i was thinking
"ok, i'll do sharlene tay. i wun do chen li houng.
i marry off sandra ng to my neighbouring country to make peace.
then i'll have li xiaoxue clean my toilet for 1 year..."

and my dad treated me to claypot rice - yum!

nightime - supper with adrian, james, kenny, JY and..
..Hope, Adrian's new girlfriend
hope they harvest their cities well
and live happily ever after
being parents of 6 kittens

hello people, stop msn-ing me
that you saw me on New Paper
thats not me
i'm tony leung

how can they destroy Princess cinema?
it breaks my heart

and i remembered once, the Beaujolais harvest was near christmas
i bought a bottle from Carrefore, Suntec
but the person who bought wit me din get to drink a sip of it

nic's new girlfriend - i forgot her name

MR. CURRY food review

charmaine's shades

here we are, at the Central
Mr Curry, from the Waraku family

cute right?

nice river view too
although our singapore river is really tiny

*snap snap*

errr.. you all dun look hungry enough!

miss curry introduces their 4 types of curry

cat-stock curry (yikes)
tomato-stock curry
fish-stock curry
beef/brown-stock curry

why is she looking at my K810i
when she should be looking at the DSLR?

mr curry, the fatty!

our Art Director in action

check out charmaine's 4-inch heels
and she's still shorter than me

this is how we cook cat-curry

yum! this is really good

new facebook photo?

Creative Manager interviews the chicks about the food

Sales Consultant from Waraku
she's having fun with us, herself

new facebook photo?

sweet potato cheesecake

black sesame ice-cream

miss thailand VS miss suzhou

me and charmaine
i am so cute

i'm a retarded baby

i have one of this too! but it got deleted! tamade!

starter: 9/10
main dish: 8/10
wine pairing: NA
dessert: 9/10
coffee: 6/10
ambience: 10/10
service: 8.5/10
price: 7/10

overall: 7.5/10

We'll be going Sazariya Restaurant on Wednesday!
miam miam.. i'm gonna become so fat.

MayDay is having their mini autography session there

then we went to Daisoh
i remembered when i was working in Starbucks T2
befriended this japanese dude
who had one of these
he was afraid to get fined
flicking ash on the floor

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