Monday, January 26, 2009

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I was playing around Facebook
and came across my friend's post
In Exchange for your Religion
posted yesterday at 10:53pm

she wrote:

"currently in Mae Hong Son.
met this chinese thai, Ah Hua, on the bus yesterday.. yada yada..

i visited the villager school. and was HORRIFIED to learn about something similar to what i did back at Ban Chivit Mai, an orphanage in chiang rai.

in BCM, it was founded by some swedish people.
they pumped in some money to support the kids.
all for ONE condition.

not hard to guess.

at the school, they didnt have enough money to carry on. i guess partly because at that point of time, they were not recognised as Thai citizens.
and some SINGAPOREANS came and donated $$.
all for the SAME condition.

honestly, i am very disturbed.
didnt their god teach them anything about giving and not asking for return?
at least my religion does.

these people are only given a choice "sleep on the streets or come with me"
and "receive no education or come with me"

i am not happy at all.

tell me if you know of any Buddhists who does it this way. i'll give them a piece of my mind.

till my death day, i'll remain a Buddhist."

I wasn't too pleased to read this post
a Buddhist should NEVER have this mentality
so I replied..

"tsk tsk tsk.. Lancy, u're such a Farang woman.
picking up strays from the streets.
hahah.. kidding.

actually i beg to differ
from your point of view
try to think it this way:

that you strongly believe that
your God will provide them salvation
and actually benefit them

and religion?
lets not deny that Xtianity
teaches their devotees to do good
alike most religion
alike Buddhism

imagine this
a poor, starving boy walks on the streets
and ask a Singaporean holding a DSLR
"why are u so happy?"

be it the answer
"Cos Jesus love me"
"Cos I have found the Dharma"
either way works in the long run

the poor and starving boy has found
a new direction to a better life
to lead a more disciplined life
his new beliefs will make him
and the people around him
better individuals

happy new year"

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