Saturday, January 10, 2009

life today..

waiting for someone to pee
is a painful process
smelling the toilet from outside
is NOT a virtue

was having some toasted eggs and hard-boiled bread

when doreen sms-ed me
"Omg is it you on the advertisement board at mrt stations?"
i replied "make a guess.."
"Haha. Ok la. Im like asking the obvious rite? Anw, That's cool. :D"
idiot.. =_="

omg! taichi chong is stalking me
i saw her under my block

mama bought Apple Tart for me from Giant
this one taste not bad
but less eggy creamy taste
as compared to the one from Carrefore
btw this is also one of my favourite food

since i can't marry the daughter of a hokkienmee/oysteromelette/carrotcake hawker
i shall marry the daughter of a appletart baker
ho ho ho..

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