Thursday, January 22, 2009

Facebook Poker - DANG!

been playing this FB poker
for a while..

notice this nice bucket of popcorn thing-thing
beside my profile?
(i'm Leong En)
its actually Buffalo Wings
din know about this function.. haha..

you can buy yourself or anyone on the table
drinks, snacks, cigarettes, cigars
and some nonsense stuff..

i'm on a losing streak
lost about $5000 everyday
luckily its not real money

escaped to VIP suite
managed some recovery
but overall still lost

and this crazy dude, Carmine Preite
buys everyone crazy things
like dancing chickens

Luis Neave sent an Acrobat

this is my FAVOURITEST scenario
an ACE-split
and both turns out 21
money money~~

not so lucky the next time! =)
but i've seen in Genting Casino
this dude split ACE 4 times
and got 2-3 Blackjacks in a single-hand.
THAT is call lucky~~

this Sergio Aravena from Chile, is an idiot
he doesn't split his ACEs
and hits at 18 =_="

i mean its very standard wat, for Blackjack
if you get 11, you DOUBLE
if you get ACE-pair, you SPLIT
if you get a 7-pair, you go for the Jackpot
if your hand is above 11, dun hit when dealer is below 17
dun even need to calculate probability
these are the BASICS! BASICS!
standard wat! why got so many Blackjack idiots!

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