Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everything in life is an illusion.

my bro, szetat captioned his picture:

Everything in life is an illusion.
Everyone can see, but who can tell..

Who is the aggressor, who is evil..
The ant who stares, who stabs, though not at his will, does so.
The victim, not as a victim, laughs as he submits himself to the weapon.

The one who kills, was constructed to amuse.
The one who dies, makes amusement of death.
The evils, looks evil, but are innocent...
But of course, the kind, who is kind, tells people about illusion...
with his evil sense of humour.

Believe your eyes or believe your feeling.
For everything that looks evil is actually kind by nature.
For those who potrays evilness has indeed a kind intention.

A man sacrifices under the spear, an ant framed by the act,
to show the world,
illusion there is, illusion it is, the one that blinds.

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