Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year continues..

Went for Contemporary class at TP

bumped into DOICE!

bumped into LETTY!

bumped into JIMMY!

bumped into AYOZI!

Scenic and Exclusive corner

Some idiots abandoned their statues behind the bushes
tsk tsk tsk..

My new Debit Card arrived
quite pretty hor
wonder how long it will last this time

For a moment I thought she was dead

Another sleepy cat in the morning

There was a time
when i bought a Strawberry Avocado Smoothie (A1)
and studied my SSM at that void deck


idiot Double-S trying to cheat our money
with this 10ct RMB

... and she won 20cts

a very fat Zhu Bao

James the dealer

Happy Jo

Big Winner - MING

Lunch served by Jing Ying - Fried Rice


JYZB's cousin wanted to teach his son
how to play Ban Lut

Show me the money!!!!

Tatyi sleeping during lecture

a very handsome guest lecturer


James playing X

Jo playing DR

JYZB falling asleep

JYZB found her relatives at NTUC

Bubbletea for the New Year

Wait till you see me in action!

My Blade has 6 Engines

Chop chop chop

INVOLVE the food
REVOLVE the food
EVOLVE the food

Fry Fry Fry


Hungry guests..

Watch our Cooking video here!

also at:

James the Jackpot money cheater!

ZB tries very hard to get some winnings

Nope.. no luck!

Triple Stars!

Triple BAR!

and we played the Crocodile

James' Winnings
I swear he look rather 娘砲 in this photo

Fly Kite.. Fly..

Stupid James left his fermented
Green Apple Green Tea on my shoe rack

Wishing that Chinese New Year
We can all have a good start
a fresh beginning
a new life...

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