Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Counter Competition

me and jeSSlin is having a counter competition
(currently 19 unique)
to see who's blog got more views tomorrow
you can check out her blog at
but no need to view too long, cos no chiobus or nehnehs
content summary: about having no life, i guess

at the same time, i'm challenging jingyingZHUBAO
(current: 32 unique)
you can view her blog at
also no need to view too much, cos also no chiobus and nehnehs
content summary: about getting drunk mostly, i guess

but remember to come back here
and stalk me tomorrow..

i know there are a few stalkers
(ask your other stalker friends too)
who read my blog everyday
in fact a few times a day
waiting for me to post my naked pictures
"sai ling kong kak"

the competition is based on total UNIQUE VIEWS only
for Sunday, January 18, 2009
wager: one bubble tea

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