Monday, January 12, 2009

4am - insomnia

4am - insomnia
saw moochelle on msn, she's having insomnia also
but probably cos she's crazy or slept too much in the day
doesn't seem like the kind who have loads to worry
always happy go lucky, happy go crazy attitude.

haven seen her blog since xmas
decided to browse through for some chiobu pictures

little did you know
that i always learn something new
from this 11pts N Level student
who quit her job cos her boss made her work on xmas eve

she wrote..

Happy Niu Year, everyone! :)
Year 2008 has been a bad year.
Well, for me.
A few friends went into Boys' Home/rehabs.
Some of 'em have been released. Well, guys, learn from your mistakes.
Cherish this second chance given to you.
One of my friends passed away in a freak accident.
Manman, RIP.
You're not forgotten, never will be. :)
Another friend's waiting for his sentence.
Hopefully the sentence would be a light one.
Don't worry, my dear friend. We'll all be praying for you.
Family problems increased.
But well, to me, if a family doesn't have fights/arguments then it won't be called a family.
Friends come and go.
I've lost a few but I've gained a few new ones too.

then i saw my handsome face
and squeaky-voiced meiqi's below

you know?
its been a bad year for me too
i went to "boys' home and rehabs"
some of my sins and guilt has been relieved
learnt from my mistakes
i passed away in a freak accident
that no one remembered, never will be
and i'm waiting for my sentence, knowing it wun be a light one
family problems are never problems
but my dad is getting old and sick
and yes, friends come and go
lost a few, gained a few new ones too.

brothers and friends like lester, wen, yang, james
came back to add more colours into my life

lets hope everybody has a SUPER 2009! =)

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