Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Spring Cleaning [part 2]

i almost wanted to get these boxes
and dump all my rubbish
and stuff em under my bed forever

while i continue to paint my room..

i am a painter..

i used to have a little plant motif here
painted with water colours

now i have a BIGGER PLANT
and a BIRD
(optical illusion)

thought my mum was gonna kill me
when she sees this..
but she was like "what does Auguries of Innocence mean?"

once again ladies and gentlemen,
my cigarette boxes collection
insane right?

cleared out a lot from the lower shelf
so i can see my trophies and nonsense

here are some of my treasures..
this one is from YEARS AGO
secondary school days
i've always treasured and valued hand-made stuff

this is one of my favourites
its very well-made
and i look handsome

this is my favouritest of the lot
its not difficult to touch my heart
with stuff like that..

its weird how i keep ziplock bags
and tissue papers
this one is from FOWC last year

this one smells really nice =)

a gift from ah wee and justin
some time ago..
thanks guys =)

yesterday i had a chat with rabbit chen
and agreed to visit our camp soon
(for the 129,493,287,587,509,435th time)

guys seen this one before?
its an old model 10-stick-pack
i bought these before it was phased out

this one comes with an ah-beng shirt
a heart-shaped skittles which has turned gooey (ewwww)
but its really sweet.. look at the effort and materials!

took a bubble tea break
went to collect my korean contact lens

i keep all these Princess cinema tickets
and hold em' memories dear to me

i remembered watching once at the Parkway Parade cinema
with my family, a chinese show about ermm gangsters and sharks
the cinema is now a church

Best days of my life at TAS..

Adventure of Captain Green
and the avocados i spent a lazy summer drawing
for my culinary project

Tough but Good o' Days..
Best Days..

My first re-service at CDA
next to it is a photoshoot for Civil Defence
where me and Bobby used to take the minibus to

found a card of appreciation from Yuewen (OPHIX)
below is my TP year 1 diary
on top is my famouse "Little Black Book" during my days with Urban Creation

Found a note from DOICE
such ugly handwriting

the painting continues..

know wat it means?

found my board game lying there dusty
lets play this soon!

my very first TP RAWKS - purple 03
lingyu pasted this sticker on everyone, everything!
CYA Shift Change Form and below is my Culi Receipe
do you know i'm a great cook?

tonnes and tonnes of lanyards
cannot finish throwing them away..

i'm vaccinated against Rabies
thats why i can hang out with Kenny, James and Adrian

this is my storyboard for Actually I.. [part 9]
the video that appeared on U-Weekly magazine
below is 148yuting's election flyer

ACTUALLY I.. [part 9]
holds a beautiful story and a beautiful secret

found this too
written on a studious day in Tamp Mart McDonalds'

Wilson's nonsense DotA Song lyrics
(to be sung to the tune of Edelweiss)

presenting my SAF Art Piece - Year 2000

ok.. look like shit
but its very meaningful to me..

my recruit family photo

a grasshopper from a pal
from Taiwan.. now in France

Tonnes of memorable photos.. =)

My sec 4 class from CCHSm

jelly helped me compiled some into a frame
thank you =)

i'm gonna quit BlackJack for today
lost $60,000 in half and hour

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