Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nuffnang EOY Mini Gathering '09

Yep.. We're here at Illuma today
to attend Nuffnang's EOY Mini Gathering 2009

My guest today is Jonapong
everybody say "JonaPONG"

K Suites VIP room 11

Was there early to set up my camera/tripod etc
and of cos the Nuffnang ladies and man
were there already

"I'm very, very important! (says ming)"
not KING MING me,
but BOSS MING, Nuffnang

小美女 Raine with her new colleague, Jonathan

Jonapong trying to hit ISO 1,600
with some exposure compensation

Very funny stickers, read
"I pay your bills (VIP)"
"I'm just here for the free food (Guest)"

Fill em up!
Fill em up!

Meldric with his eyes half-opened
okay, or half-closed

Ying Zi Focus +10%

We decided to kill the Lady Gaga
before it feels like REBEL

Jonapong flirting with Qian Yi.. NOT
actually we're playing some games
We're supposed to look for another Nuffnanger/Guest
and exchange details

It wasn't too difficult for me to find Ying Zi

Chicken Little engrossed in playing PS3

I think Huiwen is quite hawt

Chicken Little Dumpling
烧肉粽, anyone?

Jonapong almost died of panic
when he knew that the forfeit was to dance to Lady Gaga
if he were to not find Maiko

Yummaye buffet dinner
with mango pudding - shiok!

Billiard pro, Joanna

Don whistles into the mic

Raine annouces the launch of Glitterati Plus scheme
and the monetary significance
(Don't sleep, its not a boring Monday morning meeting!)

The party goes on..

Stephen says,
"Choose a english song.
No Jay Chou for you!"

(wait.. or is it Cedric?)

So happy only..
(Yep, thats June in the background)

Huiwen joins the Chicken Little Dumpling
So cute right?

The tasty little Mango Puddings!
(I mean the pudding dessert, not the girls)

KING MING challenges the Grand Turismo on PS3

This is embarassing
I can't close my mouth when I'm in game

After the Grand Turismo game
I found all these cam whore photos inside my camera

Jonapong looking emo in the background
he secretly wants to play too

Boys getting cozy..

I think Maiko's face is smaller than my palm

歌后, June See

Raine serving us Chivas

Alton impressed us with his beautiful voice
+20% charm
+50% moisture to seats
No seriously, you can get hypnotised by his voice!

Can't.. Resistttttt...

These girls are playing Street Fighter
You can't imagine how excited they were
Throwing punches and kicks at each other!

Huiwen joined in the fun.
I thought they were quite pro
before I played a game,
when they realised the characters
were capable of Hurricane Kicks and Fire Balls.
It was pleasurable watching them
cat-fight with Dhalsim and Vega.

The Singing Competition was a tight fight
cos all of them were so good.

We were given the voting power
to support our favourite singers

"Going back to the corner,
where I first saw you...."

I found myself singing along

Pool 王

My vote goes to Maiko

Victoria, Tracy, Hongpeng, KING MING and Lionel

Maiko and Cheryl

Voting for the first Nuffnang Glitterati Plus president

Val couldn't stop herself from burning the dancefloor

Andy breaks

and Jiaqi fights back

Jonathan serving Mango Tea
I wonder if he does that in the office too


Grooving to the melody
Joyce and Meldric looks quite stunned

Happy Chicken Little

We are Nuffnang, Singapore!
Please wait for Raine to distribute the full-res photo
Yes, Jianhao almost disappeared from the picture


Joanna continues to humiliate guys at the pool table


Jiaxi and Chengxi
My secondary schoolmates
We used to go for English tuition together
I swear my English was more horrible than Edwin Goh's
before my Catholic JC days

Our sexy model, Victoria

And our first Glitterati Plus President
Andy Kwan

Hongpeng and Jonapong
Yes thats my EF 50mm f/1.8 II

歌王, Hongpeng

Chicken Little learning how to play pool

Jayley and Chengxi
twins mayhem!


Check out the amazing goodie bag
1. MTV carrier
2. MTV bag
3. MTVasia notebook
4. MTV Travelling Tool
5. 4 nos. Nuffnang Movie Passes

What about the Canon IXUS 95 IS?
I got it from winning Nuffnang, Singapore
Most Handsome Blogger award.

Thank you, Nuffnang! =D
Jonapong and myself had a wonderfully drunk time.
Gonna miss you guys when I'm gone.