Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Xmas! =)

i'm not too pleased to know
that i've been hexed
a year ago
however on the brighter side
here are some photos update! =)

gina's driving license photo - how demure?

after anshen
went to eat at hongkong cafe kovan - yum!

received this flyer
the engrish is horrigible

went to wrap an amulet and tangka
at waterloo street

amk hub
ice mountain - always

praying to Phra Phrom - is bliss

round and round

dragon's blood?

dragon knight, Davion "Noooooo.."

Dragon's blood is a bright red resin that is obtained from different species of a number of distinct plant genera: Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus rotang and Pterocarpus. The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye.

found a present beside my pillow
on christmas day

playing my Warriors Orochi on PSP

it was an arty-farty Boxing Day for me
was doing some chinese caligraphy
and chinese new year painting
for friends and relatives

i realised why my family din put up a tree this year
and why my family is not celebrating CNY this year
its ok
we could put up a cherry blossom tree at that spot

the above 2 pictures are 5MP
Sony Ericsson Cybershot C902

this is 3.2MP
Sony Ericsson Cybershot K810i
where got any difference?
only the file size is bigger by around 600kb

remember the chinese caligraphy writings above?
to be given to 12 fateful person/households this Spring

also.. chinese caligraphy painting
- 1 Dragon
- 3 Cherry Blossom
to be given out
all comes with my signature
School Team Competition Stamp


my WALUX jacket is finally here!
the one that i was talking about repeatedly
Thank you, Kenny! =)

New Berms
Thanks, Mum! =)

phone camera lens + earing
Thanks Jancy! =)

thing-thing + personal tree
Thanx Jelly! =)

Cookies n Candies
Thanks Pok! =)

t-shirt from Australia
Thanks Jelly! =)

Face Reading Book that i was searching high and low
week after week after week
Thank you, James! =)


idiotic comic
found this while doing research on Sleeping Beauty
(click to enlarge)

Wishing all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

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