Tuesday, December 23, 2008


horses are idiots
they are herd animals
meaning - they need the assurance of their peers
if they do not act like their peers
or get approval from their peers
they get depressed or act/feed weird and lousy
even if they are doing the right thing
or acting with their hearts
herd conformity - one of the biggest crime in life

and one of the biggest failure to artists
and expressionists
they are also stubborn and unconsultive
solo horses, are however weird creatures
they do not feel strong
but they act tough

the key to breaking out of the herd behaviour
is to follow a good leader of another animal
for example - a Rat Alpha
i'm a rat alpha, so follow me into a solo
once you break your conformity
you will be the King/Queen of Horses
and the other horses can just look up to you in envy
or talk shit cos they can't be you

that is how i live by
in the past
to be the Alpha
to wear the throne

tomorrow when the sun
shines through my window panes
it shall purify my dusty throne
and i will roar
till my neighbours call the police

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