Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AGOP caption

830am - went to AGOP (Group 8) to help them with an event pitch
got some time, so i was going through their library

look! giraffe!

this is a Diamond Award Winner
(click to enlarge)

Who's got a 'fro?

Get Your Funk!

Back to my books

They scared I steal their books
so they stamped their library

Look at em' wrinkled pea-faces
this is bliss..

12pm - went out to pitch
it was friggin' sweet
and i bumped into handsome superman, koksheng
pitching for his company, Eureka
followed by a whole day full of sms
telling me i'm Jack Neo T_T

Lunch on Sheryl, at Yoshinoya

I never meant to hurt anyone

was watching the last episode of 不良笑花 (ep.14)
Tang Moon came back from Germany after 2 years
and they lived happily ever after
Jia Si Le and Jiang Mi got married
and they lived happily ever after
Da Shu got a good role finally in his acting career
and he lived happily ever after
Jojo finally covered up her spilling boobs
and Douzi got a prospective career being Tang Moon' s assistant
and they lived happily ever after

in real life..
..there's no such thing as a happy ending

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